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Uganda: Ministry of Health Confirms Burial Teams Are Not Necessary for Covid-19 Victims


Ministry of Health has come out and confirmed that Family members do not need to pay for burial companies since the bodies of the deceased who  succumbed to COVID-19 are already disinfected & placed in body bags hence no need for paying high bills.

Addressing the nation on the Covid-19 status in the country on Friday, the Minister of Health, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng says that there’s no need to pay for burial teams. She says the population should not spend money on teams if they do not have it.

According to Aceng, once a patient succumbs to covid-19, the bodies are disinfected in the presence of family members at hospital mortuaries before being placed in a body bag and sealed. After this, the body is supposed to be handed over to the families of the deceased and are at liberty to carry out the burial on their own.

Aceng however said that families that wish to use funeral services are at liberty to do so.

Burial teams have recently come under the spotlight for reportedly been charging between 700,000 Shillings and 10 Million from relatives of those who succumb to COVID-19 to cover costs of disinfecting the body and facilitate burial ceremonies.

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