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Rwandan man assaulted in Uganda, dumped at the border


Rwandan national Emmanuel Ndungutse, 22, was atrociously assaulted by Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) soldiers and dumped at the Rwandan border yesterday. Ndungutse, like many victims of Ugandan security forces’ harassment and persecution of Rwandan nationals, suffered abuse simply because of his nationality. UPDF soldiers in Kabale District arbitrarily arrested him while he went about his business.

Ndungutse was severely assaulted and gravely injured, with broken ribs, injured back, arm, and legs. The uniformed men tortured him, beating him with wire cables because he failed to pay them a bribe of 200,000 (Ugandan) shillings to secure his release. After the assault Ndungutse was in a terrible state, unable to move or respond. The soldiers decided to get rid of him for fear that he would die in their custody. He was bundled onto a truck, unconscious, and brought to the border crossing where they dumped him at around 6 pm.

Rwandan authorities at the border picked Ndungutse and immediately took him for emergency medical care. He is currently admitted at Bungwe Health Center in critical condition.

Ndungutse suffered the same fate as that of many Rwandans living in Kabale and Kisoro districts – areas that are commonly known for the victimization of Rwandan nationals or Ugandans with Rwandan origins. Security operations have been launched to hunt down Banyarwanda in line with the Kampala regime’s hostile policy against Rwanda. Victims have suffered arbitrary arrests, illegal incarcerations, and torture without charges.

Kabale and Kisoro prisons have been home to innocent Rwandans on concocted charges of “illegal stay” and “entry” in Uganda.

The young man is the latest UPDF assault victim after one David Rukundo who had gone to Kenya for a business study leave and decided to transit through Uganda on his way back when UPDF soldiers decided to arrest him without a single crime committed. He was detained while the soldiers tried to extort money from him, a bribe for his freedom. He was then brutally beaten (because he couldn’t pay the bribe) and handed over to Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence at Mbuya Military Barracks in Kampala.

He suffered abuse on concocted allegations of “illegal stay” in Uganda.

The Ugandan government’s security operatives continue to persecute Rwandan nationals with no end in sight.

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