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Haiti seems to be the home for calamities!

Another storm is reported to have killed 50 people in Haiti town known as Roche-a-Bateau.

After the storm that put down nearly the whole of Haiti, where bridges, power posts, network lines and the houses were rubbed off, on this Friday at 03:00 GMT, the tremendous storm hit Haiti and knocked down the whole environment including people’s lives. The other so-called Hurricane was still off the Florida coast, centered about 37 miles (60km) east of West Palm Beach and was moving north-west at about 20km/h, BBC Reports.

Senator Herve Fourcand from southern Haiti told AFP news agency that more than 300 lives had died, while Reuters news agency put the death toll at 339.

Most of the dead in Haiti were in towns and fishing villages around the southern coast, where the majority were killed by falling trees, flying debris and swollen rivers.
What is the level of aid expectation?

Phone coverage and electricity were down and people were short of food and water, across the country, there were some 350,000 in need of assistance, according to the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

People don’t know what to do. (photo internet)

Suzy De Francis, a spokesperson for the American Red Cross, said that the first priority was to bring back the phone networks around the country. "We will bring in technology to help do that," she said. "We also have warehouses with relief supplies that we will be distributing. Some of the primary needs that families may have like kitchen utensils so that they can cook meals, any kind of hygiene kits and then we are most worried about cholera, so we will be helping to distribute aqua tabs to purify the water."

The US is also sending nine military helicopters to help deliver food and water to the hardest-hit areas.
Haiti is one of the poorest countries with many citizens living in fragile housing and in areas where food is a hardly found.

Why is Haiti vulnerable to disasters?

Hurricane Matthew - the most powerful Caribbean storm in nearly a decade - has pounded the Bahamas after slicing through Haiti and Cuba. Trees and power lines were reportedly down in the Bahamas but no fatalities source were reported. Among the main disasters flattering the country are Epidemic diseases, El-ninos, hunger and Earthquakes. Each and every single calamity happening there is mainly caused by three factors according to BBC:

Beyond the half of the Haiti’s people living in the city, live in tightly populated shacks, that take the full force of any earthquake, hurricane, or disease outbreak. The continuity of cholera epidemic, caused by the arrival of UN troops after the 2010 earthquake, has killed a big number of people.

Houses were terribly smashed down! (photo net)

Environmental destruction mainly deforestation, has also led to soil erosion, that made hillside huts and poorly-built houses in the suburb of Port-au-Prince, dangerously collapse down. In rural areas, topsoil used for agriculture is often washed away, leading to longtime starvation.

Political instability and corruption have been a factor. Without effective and stable government for years, the UN Human Development Index ranks Haiti the163rd out of the 188 countries on that spend little on storm defenses.

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