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Dar es Salaam Special Police Commander, Lazarus Mambosaasa has confirmed businessman Mohamed Dewji named Mo Dewji has met with Dewji himself talking.

Businessman Mohamed Dewji famous in the name of Mo Dewji with Regional Affairs.

"Thank God for my return home safely. I thank my fellow Tanzanians and people around the world for their prayers and prayers. I thank all the authorities, including the Police Force, who have worked to make sure I get back safe. "- Mohammed Dewji

But,IGP spokeswoman Simon Sirro spoke of the discovery of a prominent reporter in the country, Mohammed Dewji from the hands of the kidnappers and said they had found an armed arm in a car guarded MO.

Speaking to journalists in Dar es Salaam today on October 20, 2018, Sirro said; "When we arrived here, the Gymkana found a car driven by Mohammed Dewji, and we saw that we did not let anyone go in to investigate, we’ve got a weapon AK 47 one and three pistols.

"Imagine Mohammed Dewji came up with four weapons, the pistols had 16 shots, and this AK 47 had 19 shotguns, a heavy armor, could shoot 19 in a row. In this business we must show them that this is Tanzania, we must find, and find them tell them they wanted to do at least.

 "Mo Dewji’s critics wanted to stop the car from losing evidence, and found themselves in the end of the day worrying about it. It is said that they were speaking English and Swahili for scandal, I can not say they came from what country until we were arrested, "said IGP Sirro.

Mo Dewji was captured last Thursday, October 11, 2018 at the Hotel of Colosseum at Oysterbay in Dar es Salaam and found the night of hearing at the Gymkana squares after being abandoned by the hijackers.

By Habarurema Djamali




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