Posted on17 September, 2018 | 06:41

Stella Nyanzi Claims President Museveni’s Mother Should Have Aborted Him

Just a day after President Museveni celebrated his 74th birthday, former MAK Research Fellow Stella Nyanzi has sent him a late but unpleasant message.

President Museveni, who was born 74 years ago to Mr. Kaguta and Mrs. Esteri Kokundeka was a mistake and should have been aborted according to Stella Nyanzi.

In a long Facebook post that was engineered like a poem, Stella Nyanzi does not only shamelessly attack the President for being the fuel for corruption, but also clearly states how much she hates him.

"I wish that Esiteri’s cursed genitals had pushed out a monstrously greenish-bluish still-birth.

You should have died at birth, you dirty delinquent dictator. You should have died in birth, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, " part of Stella Nyanzi’s long post read.

Stella Nyanzi goes ahead and attacks the President in the same poem before directing him where she can be found incase they want her arrested for her vulgar language and cyber attack.

Despite being a strong pillar of the opposition, a big section of the opposition members on social media condemned Stella Nyanzi’s approach saying it was unethical and uncalled for in that particular manner.

"We condemn such language in People Power... this is not how we represent our side. Esteri Kokundeka is a mother, who innocently gave birth to someone. She deserves respect as a mother. And moreover she’s dead and gone #RIP_Mum #RedThursday #BobiComingHome," a message from one of the opposition leaders read.

Despite the the uncensored cyber attack, the President, police and Ethics minister are still mute about the whole saga. We will keep you posted.

By Habaurerema Djamali




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