Posted on3 October, 2016 | 05:33

Cosmetic gynecology saving marriages in kenya

- Sexual satisfaction is highly credited for the success of marriages globally
- This means partners are bound to cheat when they fail to get sexually satisfied in the bedroom

A woman’s genitalia is bound to change after experiencing several childbirths or when they hit menopause, which contributes to the lack of satisfaction among the men

According to Francis Were, a local gynaecologist, cosmetic gynaecology will make sure your vagina gets back to its previous shape making you feel like you are born again.

The five-hour procedure entails modification of a woman’s genitals through surgery on the outer area of their genitalia.

"It entails injecting plasma in the sensitive area of their genitalia making them enjoy sex,....everything becomes interesting it even saves marriages"
Were insists that the procedure has a 90% success rate leading to couples to enjoy intercourse even after having many children.

Statistics show that 35% of women globally have undergone vaginal reshaping and tightening surgery with many reporting an increase in sexual satisfaction.

The minor operation costs between KSh 80,000 and KSh 150,000 depending on the doctor’s assessment of the situation





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