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Throw Back: Gaddafi’s Emotional Farewell Message to His Family Before He was Killed

Hours before Muammar Gaddafi was gruesomely murdered by NATO-backed Rebels on 20th October 2011, the Libyan leader sent an audio message to his family foreseeing his death and urging them to rejoice – not to cry for his martyrdom.

The death of Muammar Gaddafi, who served as leader of Libya from September 1, 1969 to October 20, 2011 erupted celebrations in many parts of the world. A video footage also showed many Libyans in jubilation because according to them, their slave master had finally been killed and they were now free.

Unknown to many of them, the picture of Gaddafi which was fed to them by the West was the direct opposite of the man in their midst; he was never the enemy.

Yes, he held on to power for so long and clamped on some human rights, but were these enough reasons for the West to stage his murder like a movie, and to provide cameras so the world could watch?

Did Gaddafi deserve what he got? Well, Libyans now think otherwise but it is too late.

The west and NATO had foreseen a day when Libya and indeed the whole of Africa would realize that killing Gaddafi the way they did was a mistake, so they made sure that they had nothing to directly do with the murder.

Gaddafi, who was criticized by some for ruling with an iron fist and being dictator was also equally loved by others, arguing that his leadership brought a lot of socio-economic reforms to the country.

They provided satellite images, audio, intelligence and weapons to the rebels, but did not allow any NATO personnel to be on the scene of the murder; so that it would be said that the Libyan leader and Pan-African crusader died by the hands of his own countrymen, and so it was.


However, hours before he was rounded up by rebels at his hideout and subsequently killed, Gaddafi sent an emotional farewell message to his family.

Here’s a transcript of what he told them:

I am your father, Hana. I am your father, Hana.

I’m your father, Aisha. I’m your father, Aisha.

I leave you pride and not shame. Death is better than shame, fire is better than shame.

Tonight I will break into the siege of Sirte and I may be martyred in this operation.

So don’t be sad or cry. Rejoice, O Hana, rejoice, O Aisha, rejoice, O Safia.

I am martyred in a battled where I face 40 unjust countries…”

This says it all and shows the true heart of the man – Muammar Gaddaf

By Habarurema Djamali




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