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Gatsibo residents decry lack of clean water

RESIDENTS of Gasange Sector in Gatsibo District are worried of contracting water-borne diseases as result of using dirty water from swamps.

Gasange is the only sector that doesn’t have clean water among other sectors making up the district of Gatsibo in the Eastern Province of Rwanda.

The affected residents say that despite having water taps in the area, most of the time there is no water, something that forces residents to walk long distances to look for water in swamps.

“This unclean water we draw is what we use, especially when it rains. Sincerely speaking, we are afraid of getting tape worms,” Musa Muhutu, one of the affected residents said adding that children and women were the most affected.

Health centre pleads for support

Officials from Gasange Health Centre say that they purchase more than 30 jerry cans of water a day to use.

Matabaro Theophile, a health worker at the health centre, said the number of patients seeking medical assistance as a result of worms due to unclean water had increased.

Talking to The New Times, Theogene Manzi, the vice mayor for economic development, stated that the current lack of clean water in the area was due to lack of enough funds.

“We have always been short of money, however next year, we do hope that there will be sufficient clean water in several cells and villages,” he told Sunday Times.

Manzi said that it requires a lot of money to extract water from Lake Muhazi as well as special equipment which are not yet available at the moment.

He adds that they are still in negotiations with Rwanda Environmental Management Authority (REMA) to speed up the programme.

“There is also Gihengeri Water Treatment Plant to increase water in several sectors of Gatsibo, specifically in Gasange, Murambi, Remera and Muhura,” he noted.

Currently, 84.8% of the population has access to clean water and the Government is committed to reach 100% by 2018.

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