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Katy Perry’s opened the gate for those who miss her attractive body, 10 photos

Have you got how much Katy Perry’s opened the gate for people to see her gorgeous figure? If you don’t, here you are,

Apart from singing amazing songs that almost always rule the Billboard Top 100 charts, the alluring pop star singer is also quite quirky. Mix this fun attitude with her sultry body and you’ve got yourself a winner.

1.What are you looking at, Katy?

She might be wearing a long-sleeved shirt, but those stripes are not hiding her sexy collarbones and her relatively large chest.

2.Those are some nice sunglasses, Ms. Perry!

It looks like Katy Perry does not mind to show people more than they probably need to. Still, this kind of pose is not rare for the "I Kissed A Girl" singer.

3. You can even see her belly button.

Katy Perry is confident with her body, and there is nothing wrong with that. See, how funny is the reaction of the old person at the back.

4. Look at her Christmas costume.

It’s common for Katy Perry to wear a sexy costume. Remember when she hosted the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards and also the 2009 MTV EMAs? She had a tonne of costumes there!

5. Would you like to wake up next to her?

Aside from her rather large chest and behind, Katy Perry also has irresistible eyes that can hypnotise you in seconds.

6. What are you trying to do, Katy?

She must be trying to check if there is water on her lower area. Still, this image is quite suggestive.

7. Her thighs are seriously attractive.

Some men like thin ladies, but it’s not hard to appreciate a woman like her.

8. Check out Katy Perry’s back at the Grammy Awards.

The most awkward fact here is that you would rather look at her other body parts instead of her back, even when it is fully exposed.

9. It’s a good thing her berries didn’t drop from her chest.

In this image, Katy Perry utilizes the seductive element of the red color to makes us to look at her chest and lower clothing.

10. Let’s hear her roar!

Even with all her sexy pictures, Katy Perry is still one of the best artists in the world who deserves a lot of respect. She knows her assets, and she is smart enough to shy away from vices.
Have fun always, Miss Perry!

Story by Lucky van Rukundo/




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