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Kigali City:WAP Ltd comes to end the challenges related to accommodation

Workers Affordable Properties (WAP) to build 2029 affordable houses in city of Kigali.these houses from WAP’s project are ranging from 16 million Rwf to 49 million Rwf in both Gahanga and Rubirizi.

After observing accommodation related challenges in Kigali City.WAP Ltd has come up with a project worth’s 20.1 Billion Rwf to unveil the opportunities for Rwandans and Foreigners to own affordable houses in Kigali that are located in Gahanga and Rubirizi.

Speaking at the press conference today 20 th September 2019, the Chief Executive Officer of Workers Affordable Properties Limited (WAP) Rwanda, Eng. Kunu Harmony said that there are factors responsible for Rwanda’s awesome performance and exploit. He pointed out that the goal was to achieve affordable housing for all categories of income earners.

Our desire is to invest in lives by creating housing opportunities and eco-friendly environment.Accessing our in-depth human resources and strategy of project execution for the benefit of all categories of income segments of the society” Said Harmony

He added that the government of Rwanda, financial institutions, private developers and the home beneficiaries are playing major roles to enable them achieve the goal. On examples of such government support, Harmony said, included all external and major internal roads for the estate, water supply pipeline, electricity lines with transformers and fiber optics among others.

On how to qualify for the housing units, Eng. Jean Baptiste Nkurunziza, the Executive Director of Construction and Commissioning within WAP, said that such a person must first obtain WAP application form, complete the required information either as individual or joint application for married couples, select type of house unit and method of payment (either Bank construction loan or self-funding) that fit their purpose and capacity respectively.

He added that once the completed WAP application form is received, WAP will check on the candidate first choice of house and location and see if the company still has such housing unit available, if available one unit is allocated with a registration number and a contract is drafted based on the choice of method of payment selected. Where the first choice house is not available the second or third choice is allocated to continue the process.

Eng. Nkurunziza reminded that for those who need to use Bank construction loan payment method, WAP is currently working with 3 Banks: BK, I&M Bank and BPR.And negotiations are expected with other banks.

Gahanga estate covers 294 houses to accommodate 1000 people whereas Rubirizi will be consisted of 1735 houses to accommodate between 4000 and 6000 people on the area of 3.8 and 11.4 hectares respectively.

The project will provide jobs to 400 people and between 800 and 1000 people in Gahanga and Rubirizi respectively and it will expand from Gahanga and Rubirizi to Busanza and Bugesera which will sum 10,000 houses in general.

Gahanga-Rubirizi project worth’s 20.1 Billion Rwf to mean 7.7 Billion Rwandan Francs for Gahanga and 12.1 Billion Rwandan Francs for Rubirizi.

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The Chief Executive Officer of Workers Affordable Properties Limited (WAP) Rwanda, Eng. Kunu Harmony

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